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2020: A S**t Year for Marketing – What Can We Learn?

2020 was a year like no other. Watch our on-demand webinar as our team of experts discuss what the impact the coronavirus pandemic and a series of lockdowns had on the digital industry as we all try and adapt to a “new normal”. 
The results might surprise you.

Watch our on-demand webinar:

We’ve taken a closer look at the online trends we saw during 2020. In this webinar, we look closely at:

• The changes and considerations brands need to take to keep moving forward during a turbulent time.  • Which brands saw success in 2020 and what lessons other brands can learn from them to keep up with the ever evolving world.
• Our predictions on what we can expect to see in the year of 2021 and how retailers and brands can take advantage of new opportunities.

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Who is Dark Horse?

Dark Horse specialises in search marketing with the finest talent on board to help small businesses achieve their goals. Experienced specialists will help you climb the ranks of Google and increase sales, leads, enquiries and – importantly - profits. We consistently show that PPC and SEO returns are not the exclusive right of those with deep pockets.

We believe in tangible deliverables and actionable advice that brings results. We are only interested in expanding the bottom of line of our clients through outstanding PPC and SEO results.

Whilst our processes are comprehensive, our values are simple. We are truthful, authentic and will challenge you to push forward and make more profit.

We do this by having a team of hugely experienced SEO and PPC heroes who are at the forefront of PPC innovation and the pillars of SEO – Content, Technical SEO and Digital PR.

They are not available to everyone. Dark Horse as an agency is not for everyone. We are for companies open to proactivity, new ideas and growth. That can start with the free video above – some constructive critique to boost.

We work to goals and targets and we are accountable. We help our clients dominate online searches and we help them grow massively.

Our results are proven and the service we offer is one of exclusivity. We become an extension of your business and your digital marketing department. From in-depth research to execution, all our work is underpinned by documented strategies and process that are built to meet goals set by YOU.

We don’t hide. You can get straight through to the brains. We don’t offer up vanity awards. 

We pride ourselves on our case studies and client testimonials.

To experience Dark Horse is to have an industry-leading team protecting your business and growing it. 

We leave table tennis and beanbags to other agencies whilst we work hard to make you lots of money. We will be loved by your accountant and financial advisor, not your interior decorator.



Increase in ROAS within 3 months

YoY average increase in leads



Increase in lead volume in just over one year

Increase in paid revenue in 8 months

We don't need to blow our own trumpets

Great, knowledgable, 

passionate team

Dark Horse has a great knowledgeable, passionate team, and offers fantastic value for money.

Seriously cool branding, backed up by serious PPC knowledge.

We have worked with Dark Horse for a short period of time, however, they have really impressed us with their honest, down to earth approach. Reassuring us that they work for us, and not Google. Our relationship with Dark Horse is founded upon a deep focus on efficiency, and getting the best return on advertising spend. I would recommend them to any business who feels they need to switch up their Google PPC agency, or are struggling to manage/understand their Google Ads account themselves.

6 months in and 

the results are strong

Dark Horse put together an audit and strong proposal before I signed up and I was impressed by their PPC knowledge and market strategy. They set some key targets and have been working towards them for the last 6 months with positive results. Click volume an ROI have both increased which is impressive, having taken over an already well established Adwords account.

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